The message from my friend: “People are close to death, there are people crying, sick here…”

 TURKEY - Istanbul

There is almost a civil  war in my country. What started as a simple protest in a nature park (the last photo), against the project that allowed a mall being built in that area, turned into an outrageous rebellion against the Islamic government after the excessive involment of the police. Still the only thing that these people do is standing there and shouting slogans. There are no sticks or stones in their hands, only their bodies as their barricades and their voices as their guns

Some people are saying the prohibited “orange gas” is being used (the photo which the yellowish liquid is being sprayed), there is a video of a panzer (an armed combat car) driving over some people. Hotels, coffee shops, university campuses are taking the injured in. People are asking for medication, doctors and blood over Twitter. 

The media is not showing any of it, only one channel (Halk TV) is on. The others are all on their regular schedule. The newspapers are not writing anything. It’s been three days and it’s getting worse. 

Please check out the news, use the hashtag #OccupyGezi on Twitter and please show your support. We’re not anarchists, but it was the last straw. 

The said video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=h_0AoL72Evw

The public is in danger! Please help! Police is shooting civils.


Heavy tear gas in Taksim Square

Istanbul needs International support against police terror and chemical war!